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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submit Your Manuscript to Snowbooks 

Snowbooks has always welcomed unsolicited manuscripts straight from authors.  Some of our favourite novels (not that we play favourites!) came to us from new, unknown authors who were just hoping somebody would take the time to look at their writing.  So, yes, we welcome submissions with open arms!

We’ll get into more of the details in a second, but here are some basics to be aware of if you’re considering sending us your manuscript:

— We accept submissions via this website only.  We do not accept hard copies in any form; they will be recycled. We no longer use email to accept submissions, so don't email -- use this page. 

— We are looking at genre fiction only.  This means horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. 

— We read finished novels (at least 70k words or more, ideally 80k or more) only.  Being ready to submit means having finished writing and polishing your MS.

When to use this form

If you are already in touch with Snowbooks, please email us as usual. If we have yet to make contact, and you would like to submit your work, please use this form. 

If you have already submitted to Snowbooks, and not heard back from us, you do not need to re-submit.


We have introduced a nominal fee of £2 to submit work to Snowbooks. This is in part to avoid having to upgrade to an expensive license for this submissions platform, but also to require you to jump a small hurdle to submit your work. We receive a lot of rushed, speculative submissions of poor fit which take us as much time to process as the genuine submissions. This slows the review process down for the more serious submissions. In introducing this fee we hope to receive fewer submissions of higher quality so we can respond to submissions more quickly than our current turn around time of about six months. 

We have reserved five free submission slots per month which are for use by writers whose circumstances prevent them from paying this fee. If you feel you have a serious submission, but the fee presents too great a hurdle, please contact Emma Barnes ( to use these alternative arrangements. 

Half the submissions fee goes to this platform, and we will donate the remaining proceeds to Save The Children.

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